Team Awaken Welcome Email

We send this email below to all new enrolled members.  It is essential to give your people the same advantages you had when you joined Awaken.  Please copy paste the email below and edit for your new enrollment.  Please copy on all welcome emails.  This copy will generate a drip email from team awaken that will go to your new enrollee and a coaching email to help remind you where your personally enrolled are.



Dear __________,

Welcome to Isagenix and Awaken.

We are so excited you've decided to Awaken Your Life with Isagenix – you are going to love this! And as soon as that box arrives, open it up and try a shake!

Just as a reminder we scheduled our kickoff call for _________________________.

The purpose of the Kickoff Call is to discuss your goals, answer any questions you may have about how to use your Isagenix system, and map out a plan to help you be super successful in crushing your goals and having an amazing experience!

Prior to our Kickoff Call, please make sure you have reviewed the Awaken Web Page

The member’s only password for the site is awakenone

A few of the key Action Items you should do prior to your Kickoff Call are:

  1. Make your Welcome Post in the Facebook Group

  2. Review "How to Do a Shake Day " and "How To Do A Cleanse Day" videos

You should have received a few emails from Isagenix, including one that contains your Username (typically "firstlast") and Member ID, and another with your autoship date which is ______________ and your password is _______________________, you can go in and change this anytime. Please make sure to go to your back office and poke around.  There are lots of great resources there and that is where you can change your auto ship to what you want it to be.

I highly recommend looking into the Isabody challenge.  It is a free program to help hold yourself accountable.  You can find the info on the page and also in your back office.  At the end of the 16 weeks Isagenix gives you a $200 food coupon!  I do this every 16 weeks so I get $800 of free food a year!

Please also take a moment to download the IsaLife Ap. It is free and avaialble in the ap store on your phone. your credentials are the same as listed above.

I can't wait for you to Awaken Your Health and finally experience how good you're meant to feel.